5 best apps for personal growth and wellness in 2022

best apps for personal growth

The steady and rapid rise of technology in all aspects of our lives has led to many great things, as well as some not-so-great things, such as a loss of self-awareness and dissatisfaction with our overall well-being. However, all hope is not lost and technology is not always the bad guy.

In fact, we can use technology to help our personal development and well-being by making use of certain applications. Here we break down the top ten personal development and wellness apps that can make a difference today.

Application for personal development

1. Journy –  Self-Care Day Planner

A motivational app that helps you streamline your life by putting key calendar events, reminders, techniques and tips at your fingertips. The app also provides a mock daily planner to help organize your thoughts as you prepare for any event, big or small. This will help you keep a daily journal to improve your life step by step.

Everything Journy does is derived from our belief in the human desire to become the best version of oneself through self-improvement on the path to greatness as defined by the individual. A daily journal like this can help you achieve greatness. With this motivational app, we’ll help ease your way by providing you with the best activities for planning your day with actions, reminders, techniques, self-care and tips gathered from the most effective leaders and people of our time. The information provided by Journy empowers you to take charge of your life through practiced discipline, responsibility, mental health, self-care and preparedness. The result is a life that plants the seeds of success and abundance of creative expression, well-being and positively shaping the lives of those around you, and improving social skills and mental health.

2. Headspace

A personal development app for meditation and productivity

Sometimes all we need is a little break to breathe and reset when we are at work or at home. The biggest criticism of meditation is the idea that there is no time for it. Headspace aims to make meditation part of your daily routine with quick and easy-to-follow meditations that can give your mind and body the reset it needs to stay productive.

If you have ten minutes of free time, you can use Headspace. This is one of the most popular personal development apps out there, and it’s free, so you have no excuse not to try it out.

3. What’s Up

A personal development app for tracking mood and emotional well-being

Another great personal development app is What’s Up. It uses the latest in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) and incorporates them into an app that allows users to track their moods throughout the day throughout the year.

If you’ve been feeling depressed or anxious lately, you know the impact it can have on your overall well-being. What’s Up is a free app for iOS and Android that can really help you on your journey to overcoming mental health issues. They even have forums that help bring people together in similar situations.

4. Calm

A personal development app for meditation and sleep

Calm was awarded Apple’s 2017 Meditation and Sleep App of the Year. Unlike other personal development apps, Calm focuses on sleep, which is one of the biggest factors in improving your well-being and mental health.

Their most unique feature is Sleep Stories, which are simply stories told by famous people like Stephen Fry and Bindi Irwin, which are a version of a fairy tale for adults.

They also offer calm playlists that users can listen to while trying to relax and reset. This is so important for personal development because knowing how to set the right tone in the morning and evening can set you up for positive and productive days in the long run.

5. Aura

Personal development app for meditation

Aura is another app that focuses on meditation, but what makes it such a powerful option is the fact that it’s constantly updated. Many personal development apps are not updated often enough, which means that users get tired of the same breathing exercises, stories and meditations very quickly.

It is also an all-in-one app that helps users customize their environment to best suit their needs. For example, users can follow guided meditations, listen to nature sounds, receive life coaching lessons, listen to music, or track their progress with a journal.

The last word

These ten personal development and health apps might not be what you expected, but that’s because there’s no right or wrong way to improve your own well-being. We could very easily list ten apps that all focus on yoga moves and meditation practices, but what if you already do yoga and it doesn’t help? Mental health is just as important to your well-being as your physical health, and both play a major role in your personal development. If you are constantly stressed or constantly fighting a cold, you cannot move your life forward.

There are a number of ways to reduce stress in your life and the aim is to give you new ideas to improve your well-being. Once you do this, you stay motivated and can focus more on your passion.

If your goal is to meditate more, we have a small but powerful handful of great apps like Headspace; if you want to increase productivity to relieve work stress, try Trello or Asana; if you want to focus on your physical health, you can use MyFitnessPal to track your food choices and exercise habits, or use Doctor on Demand when you need an expert opinion in an emergency.

We believe that any combination of these apps will make a significant difference in your overall mental and physical health. Technology can be a source of stress for many people, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a source of positivity for you. Use these personal development and wellness apps to your advantage. Most, if not all, are free and offer additional features that can be paid for to make your experience even better.


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