6 Design Trends You Will Love in 2022

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The past few years have been full of transformation and change. From the way we work and study to our personal lives and activities, these changes have caused many to rethink our living spaces. Regardless of how dramatically your life has changed recently, you may be looking for modern ideas to refresh your home. You’ve come to the right place: here are the most accessible 2022 interior design trends you’re sure to love. 

Multipurpose Spaces | Design Trends

If your home has suddenly become so much more than a living space in the last couple of years, you’re not alone. Our homes have transformed for so many individuals, couples, and families of every kind as we spend more time in them. 

Whether that includes a home office, remote classroom, makeshift gym, or space to nurture your newly-discovered hobby, it may be time to reimagine certain rooms and make them work better for you

For example, you might ditch the cluttered dining room table doubling as a desk and invest in murphy-style surfaces that fold up against the wall when you’re finished with them. Another perk? Fold-up, compact furniture creates more space for those at-home workouts or a guest room in a pinch. 

Colorful Cabinets

People have been spending more time in their home kitchens for various reasons (including adopting a healthier lifestyle to recreating their restaurant favorites themselves). 

However, kitchen colorways haven’t been very adventurous or inspiring in recent decades. While natural woods and neutral tones are placed in a kitchen setting, more people tend to paint cabinets in colors that spark joy. 

A few of the most popular colors might surprise you:

  • Matte, smoky lavender.
  • Glossy cobalt blue.
  • Warm marigold or poppy.
  • Even green tones give a nostalgic nod to the 1960s and ’70s. 

 Embracing Texture

There’s no need to play it safe with texture in 2022: gone are the days of exclusively smooth surfaces and modern fabrics. 

Even if you have modern furniture, designers love the look of lofty, faux-fur blankets draped over the edges of a sofa. Likewise, the Lawrence of La Brea design experts loves the look of rich, ethnic-print rugs adorning the floor. 

Feel free to mix and match, making it work by keeping a generic color scheme in mind when selecting your new pieces. 

Going Green | Design Trends

Now more than ever, designers (both professional and DIY) are considering the earth’s well-being when reimagining every kind of living space. 

That means opting for sustainable materials for furniture and linens, investing in quality, timeless items you plan to keep for a long while, and even becoming a plant parent to adorn your space with green, living beauty. 

Comfortable and Cozy 

As many people have spent more time at home, they’ve started rethinking how they use and adorn certain spaces. Whether it’s a previously unused formal room full of off-limits furniture or a dining room that’s suddenly become a makeshift entertaining space, 2022 is all about making these spaces more comfortable.

Swap out the rigid, decorative armchairs for seating that’s both practical and comfortable (you might be surprised by the stylish array of options). Likewise, if you’ve been protecting your sofas with plastic dust covers, now might be the time to ditch them for functional furniture that allows you to welcome guests of every age and ability. 

Individuality on Display | Design Trends

Do you have a beloved collection packed away in the attic or boxes under the bed? 

Here’s some good news: if you collect books, travel souvenirs, antique figures, or even vintage photos, now is your time to let these items shine. That’s right. 2022 is all about you, which means creating a space that’s everything you both want and need it to be. One of the most fulfilling ways to do that is to display your treasures tastefully. 

Of course, there’s a strategy to avoid a cluttered, chaotic appearance. If you have too many items for your shelves and surfaces, try swapping out things in your collection seasonally. For example, place taller items behind shorter ones for a more pleasant visual arrangement and (if possible) keep like items together. 


Each day you spend in your home is an important part of the human experience. It’s a reliable, safe place for comfort. But, recently, it may have become much more than it was in years past. 

Whatever the case, updating your home to meet your needs or those of your partner or family members is an excellent way to improve your quality of life (whatever life may bring). Refer back to these tips as you refresh your space this year. Good luck, and happy decorating.

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