8 Things to Keep in Mind When Ordering Your Starbucks Coffee 

8 Things to Keep in Mind When Ordering Your Starbucks Coffee 


Starbucks is popular when it comes to coffee. Starbucks’ unique terms for their drink sizes and other specifications confuse people when placing their orders online. You can order coffee online if you have the Starbucks mobile application or a Starbucks Rewards member.

The convenience of ordering online is that you can pay ahead and stop by the café, or the drive-thru to pick up your order. People use various methods to make online payments such as cards, and gift cards. Customers buy cryptocurrencies to get these cards.

Things to keep in mind when ordering your Starbucks coffee online

Customers flood the Starbucks app with orders as they love their coffee. Getting your coffee delivered where you are is such a convenient process. Starbucks has a user-friendly application that allows you to order online and save on time.

Here are some things to keep in mind when ordering your Starbucks coffee online:

1. Familiarize yourself with the basic terminology and menu items

Starbucks uses different terms for their drink sizes. These sizes are as follows:

  • Tall (Small)
  • Grande (Medium)
  • Venti Hot (Large)
  • Venti Cold (Large)
  • Trenta (Extra Large)

2. Understand the sequence in which the drinks are prepared

It is best to use the same sequence that the barista uses to prepare your drink. The sequence is as follows:

  • The temperature desired. It assists the barista to know which cup to use as they use different cups for hot and cold drinks.
  • The drink sizes
  • Regular or decaf
  • The type of coffee
  • If you want a skinny drink – the sugar-free, low-fat version of the drink
  • Syrups
  • Customizing espresso and syrup
  • Your milk choice
  • Your preferred toppings

3. The type of syrups they offer

They offer syrups such as:

  • Caramel
  • Vanilla
  • Hazelnut
  • Raspberry
  • Chestnut praline
  • Mango
  • Peach
  • Peppermint
  • Cinnamon dolce

4. Their espresso and syrup combination

The standard combination is as follows:

  • Tall – one shot of espresso, three syrup pumps
  • Grande – two shots of espresso, four syrup pumps
  • Venti – two espresso shots, five syrup pumps
  • Venti (iced) – three espresso shots, six syrup pumps
  • Trenta – seven syrup pumps

5. You can join the Reward System for online discounts

The process is free and one can create an account to get access to the Rewards benefits. The system also provides payment systems such as cash or card. These stars are redeemable for rewards.

6. You can register your gift card to make payments

The Starbucks website supports the registration of gift cards to make payments. One can buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies through platforms such as Coingate. Bitcoin has been most popular in buying gift cards.

You can buy cryptocurrencies to afford a Starbucks gift card and make coffee purchases. Gift cards are a source of payment when you buy bitcoin. You can make a purchase directly to the Starbucks payment platform.

7. The methods one can get their order after placing it

Starbucks’ services show that a customer can get their coffee through the following ways:

  • Drive-thru
  • Grab-and-go café services
  • Order-ahead entryway pickup
  • Starbucks Delivers via Uber Eats

8. There are contactless methods to receive your package

The order ahead and pay feature allows contactless payments and a contactless handoff. There is an option to request the delivery person to leave the order at the door.

Final thoughts on things to keep in mind when ordering Starbucks online

To conclude, these things are essential and unique as Starbucks has different features and terms. Also, the various online payment methods and introduction of cryptocurrencies into the digital world increase the number of things to consider when making an order. The number of customers increases with such factors and knowledge.


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