Aluminum Water Bottles Can Be Good For Promotion

Aluminum Water Bottles came first into the limelight in the year 2001 when they were presented as an alternative to the plastic water bottles in the US, the size and form factor of aluminum water bottles, which was made possible through a process called impact extrusion which was then adopted by major beverage companies around America as well as Europe.

Afterward, a process called coil to can (C2C) made it possible to produce aluminum but 30-40 percent lighter size form at twice the speed of production.

Why not plastic water bottles?

Well, plastic water bottles have, for a major period, conquered the water & beverage industry, its manufacturing cost, and margin are quite better for money-centric businesses rather than corporate welfare ones, but the issue that it has been wrecking is far bigger.

Plastic water bottles have been a source of a lot of yearly pollution over the years, which of only 10 percent is recycled, the rest is all dumped into the oceans, as a result killing at least a million marine life every year as well as becoming an island filled with plastic debris near Hawaii, accounting for nearly 70-80 tons.

Each year 7 to 8 tons of plastic waste is deposited into the oceans, which is why we also see the seafood becoming plastic infected nowadays, apart from that having drinking water from plastic bottles, comes at a cost to health, small microparticles of plastic are consumed along with water in humans causing health issues like heart disease, type 2 diabetes or more, even the taste isn’t water like, since those plastic molecules worsen it, taking the water’s PH level downwards to acidic which also sometimes makes people vomit.

Advantages of Aluminum Water bottles

Aluminum water bottles provide an actual leveled water taste which is why aluminum water bottles are safe, the water is preserved from any outside interference, moreover, the shelf life is also prolonged for water when in aluminum water bottles.

Aluminum water bottles are also affordable or cheap in the long run since it is estimated that about 16 billion dollars in the US are spent alone on plastic water bottles which are no longer recyclable or reusable, which is why spending on these aluminum water bottles would not cost you a lot, as you can use it numerous times in a shape of customizable aluminum water bottles for home, office or gym use, as well as it can be recycled times infinity with no alteration in its chemical compound or functionality.

How’s Aluminum Promotional?

Aluminum water bottles are the best bet when promoting their use since it has no harm to the nature, marine life, or humans as well as the aspect of recyclability has no question on it, moreover, the recent G7 summit of world powers like the UK, EU, US, etc., have also made it the number one candidate as being called the promotional aluminum water bottle to be used commonly amongst the masses who are also responsible citizens and wish to reduce the overall pollution footprint.


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