Are You Starting a CBD Business? What to Consider Before Starting

What to Consider Before Starting a CBD Business


Have you found your calling in CBD? Thought of a CBD business idea you think could take off immediately? Starting a business is always a risk, but it can have great rewards and be one of the most fulfilling achievements.

There are plenty of things you need to know when starting any business like how to budget, what your business plan looks like, and creating a marketing strategy. But CBD offers some unique challenges. Here are some of the things you have to know before you begin building your business.

1. Hit the Books

Do you know all there is to know about CBD including what it does, how it helps people, its side effects, and the differences between CBD from different plants and different cannabis strains?

You will be selling CBD, and often to people who might not know all it can do. So you have to be the most informed in the room to help your customers and manage your business.

Study up on everything about CBD and CBD products. Add information on other cannabis products as well.

You will likely have people who are confused about the difference between THC and CBD, among others. It’s your job to clear all that up and help people make the best decision for themselves.

2. Law of the Land

When you’re selling anything connected to cannabis, you will run into some unique roadblocks. Before you open your business, you have to know the laws around CBD, and other weed-related issues.

Is THC banned from being sold in your area? Is CBD okay but only with a medical card? There will be specific paperwork you will need and without it, your business could be closed down.

Don’t be caught empty-handed on forms or information you need. And if you are shipping CBD products to other locations, you should also know what laws apply in those places.

3. Supply and Demand

When you want to start a business, understanding where and how you will get the products you sell is always crucial. And with a CBD company, that’s twice as true. Do you know who your supplier will be and where they’re working?

Hemp manufacturers in Oregon may look different somewhere else. And you may not be able to get certain products from certain places depending on the laws of that region.

You want to have a supplier set up immediately before you begin your business. This is an important relationship to foster and could impact what CBD products you’re selling.

Creating a CBD Business

Starting a business takes a lot of time, patience, and energy. And starting a CBD business can be even more challenging due to the extra red tape around suppliers and products. But if you have an idea you believe in and learn everything you can about the laws and the industry, you’re in good shape.

Don’t rush to open your business, and be sure you’re confident in your CBD knowledge. And if this helped you better understand how to prepare for opening day, keep reading for more good advice.


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