How Bass Boats Are Different From Regular Boats

A bass boat is a specialized type of fishing boat. They have specific features to target bass, including a low profile and specific additions for better performance. While some ships are similar in construction, there are also crucial differences to remember. Below are the critical differences between bass boats and different types of fishing boats. When deciding which kind of boat is right for you, consider the size, style, and price of the bass boat you want. 

They Are Lighter

Bass Boats are lighter than traditional boats because of their weight, size, and controls. These boats are also more stable in choppy water. The most common mistake people make when purchasing a bass boat is choosing between a fiberglass or aluminum hull. Fiberglass adds stability to the ship, but aluminum hulls are lighter and offer superior impact resistance.

Bass Boats Have a Pad-vee Hull

While the name “pad-vee hale” makes this style of sloop sound fancy, it is not as fancy as it sounds. Pad fees are stepped hulls made from fiberglass, aluminum, or carbon fiber. Unlike true vees, a pad-vee has a constant deadrise of 23.5 degrees from amidships to the transom. This hull type gives the boat a wide beam and can be used for various fishing purposes.

A pad-vee hull is an excellent choice for many bass boats. It is not only better for performance but also for the environment. A ship with a pad-vee hull has a higher water-retention capacity than one with a true vee. However, some bass boats have pad-vee hulls to reduce their drag.

They Are More Durable

The fiberglass hulls of bass boats are less susceptible to damage from light scrapes and grounding, but they can still be damaged by striking a stationary object. A fiberglass repair is not something the average boat owner can undertake alone. Most bass boats have fully carpeted interiors, quality vinyl seats, and chrome trim. This helps them stand up to the rough conditions of the water. Bass boats are designed for fishing, so they have different characteristics than traditional boats.

While a fiberglass hull can be lighter and more maneuverable than an aluminum one, the fiberglass hull will be sturdier, which means it can handle bumps and churns better than a Jon boat. However, an outboard motor is more susceptible to leaking due to the thin fiberglass hull, which will withstand several bumps before it inevitably leaks. To see if your bass boat is leaking, you will have to remove all your gear, lift the hatches, and use a flashlight.

Made For Bass Fishing

Boats designed for bass fishing come in all different sizes, from one-person models to large five-passenger boats. They are lightweight and easy to operate with an outboard or trolling motor. This makes them ideal for fishing in shallow water. In addition, these boats have multiple storage compartments and are comfortable for the fisherman. They are also equipped with swivel chairs and coolers and live well, making them ideal for bass fishing.

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