How to Host an Outstanding Outdoor Garden Party

Even if you’re only gathering with close relatives or your quarantine pod, it’s worth braving the sunny weather for a garden party. Hardly anything feels more rewarding (and enjoyable!) After a harsh winter spent cooped up indoors rather than an evening spent outdoors with friends and family. 

Consider lawn fun, delicious seasonal cuisine, and a small group of people lounging around, enjoying the long-awaited sun. But, of course, everybody appreciates a garden party, so we asked some of the industry’s best event planners for tips on throwing the ideal backyard bash this summer.

 Make Your Attendees Feel At Home

Any professional event planner will tell you that the comfort of your attendees should be your priority. If your party is during the day, ensure there are some shaded spots and that you have sunscreen on hand. If it’s late at night, citronella candles and insect spray are essential. 

Mindy Weiss, a party expert, suggests that consider providing portable fans, tents, shawls, or warmth lights. Your visitors should feel at ease and not be bothered by the weather. Finally, ensure enough access to bathrooms, water, and other necessities.

Place furniture, even “borrowed” or from stacking chairs manufacturer, in areas where your garden can be appreciated to its fullest; preferably, out of direct sunshine. Renting might also be a surprisingly inexpensive option. Many suppliers will even drop off and collect up. So all you need to provide are the guests and a nice attitude.

Think About Employing Open Seating

An event planner named David Beahm enjoys arranging outdoor cocktail parties where the food is constantly replenished. Everyone can see each other.  If the event is casual enough, Weiss believes that open seating is the way to go.

It allows guests to mingle in the sunlight or the shade. On the other hand, if you’re holding a party on cement, ensure you have enough chairs and small folding booths or tables for everyone to put their food on. 

If your event is held on a lawn, use the available area by simply spreading down blankets and cushions. Even better, bring picnic baskets, or a cheaper option is to throw in your picnic stuff in your plastic box custom made and have the entire party there.

Pay Attention To The Tablescape

When it comes to decoration, a beautiful spread of food and an outdoor backdrop are usually all that is needed. Consider importing jewelry from China to hang on your backdrop as additional decor. This way, it will be unique and peculiar. 

The dinner generates a rainbow of colors and patterns on our table, set on a plain white tablecloth. Flowers are usually a good way to liven up a room, but make sure they’re tough enough to resist heat and wind, such as garden spray roses, dahlias, or anything tropical. 

Fill the bottoms of the vases with clear marbles or stones, or use potted plants or succulents to protect them from flying away. Any décor, for that matter, should be weighted down, and paper products should be avoided unless they’re strong and weighty.

Let’s try to play

A garden party is a fantastic venue for expressing your inner kid. Even if it’s a kid-free gathering, set out some balloons or hula rings for your guests to enjoy—you might be astonished at who shows up. Classic yard plays such as bocce ball, corn hole, and croquet are constantly popular.

If you don’t want to deal with a whole activity set, we suggest throwing out some balls to throw around if you have the room and they won’t interfere with the dinner. If you’re on concrete, sidewalk markers will keep the kids occupied for hours; you could even sketch hopscotch ahead of time for both adults and children.

Keep Everything Under Control

Music is required. However, Beahm advises checking your local sound regulations to help evaluate the loudness and intensity level of the music you play and how long you keep it on. Then, when it comes to clean-up, please don’t leave it all until night’s end.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re having a party at home, make sure you have enough garbage cans and that you clean up after yourself throughout the evening. If you’re going to a park or another outdoor location, have plenty of rubbish bags on hand. We hope it’s a magnificent blue-sky day for your outdoor party, but it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan. So now go out and have fun.


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