Importance And Usage Of Inductive Order In Research

Inductive Order In Research

For a researcher, it matters a lot to focus on all of the approaches that contribute to research. The right information related to all approaches makes your selection easy. In research work, no selection is random. From research topic to methodology, every selection has some reason and purpose. In the case of research, you have to see the objective of your task. There are two types of research approaches. The first one is inductive order, while the second one is deductive order. If you have the objective to come up with an accurate and specified conclusion, then the deductive approach is best.

On the other hand, when you are supposed to make a general theory, then an inductive approach is used. Inductive order is used very frequently because of many reasons. It takes a short time and helps in developing research skills like critical thinking. Hence, as per its importance, this article aims to discuss inductive order in research.

What is Inductive Order?

Inductive order is also termed inductive reasoning. In inductive order, the major contribution is observation. It is not the same as deductive order. In deductive order, the obtained results are always certain. On the other hand, inductive order does not end up with certain results. In this research approach, the main focus is on a general perspective rather than a specific one.

The theory made through the inductive approach is utilised in deductive reasoning. The inductive research approach can be true or false. The observational skills of the researcher matter a lot in the inductive approach of research. The researcher with strong observational skills mostly works well. Some students find this research approach difficult because of their weak observational skills. Therefore, they prefer to get masters dissertation help in this regard.

A Brief Discussion:

Let’s discuss how inductive order works in research.

  • Suppose there is a bag having cards in it. The person, who has taken a card out of that bag, finds that it is king. He did the same five times. All the time, he found the king. The logic and the observation show that all of the cards in that bag are king. No doubt, the conclusion made as per the observation can be wrong. The factor of uncertainty is always there. In this way, the inductive approach works. If a researcher wants to make a particular conclusion, he must go for deductive reasoning. The decision made in inductive reasoning is used to make theories. Furthermore, a hypothesis can be made based on inductive reasoning. That hypothesis is tested through deductive reasoning.
  • Another example of inductive order is here. Suppose, you are an employee at a flower market. A person comes on every Sunday and buys five roses. The visiting day and number of roses remain the same for all time. This is your observation of that particular person and his purchase. Based on your statement, you can say that the person comes on every Sunday and buys five roses every time. The conclusion drawn through observation can be valid for a particular time period, or it can be wrong. So, the approach used over here is inductive.

Why do you write Inductive?

Inductive order is used to make theories and principles as well. You can also say that the conclusion made at the end of inductive reasoning is a claim. In research, inductive reasoning is used to make better decisions for some problems. Its use is very frequent in academic and professional-level research. Furthermore, the research writing that is based on statistics has a main focus on the pattern of work. In order to address that pattern in writing form, inductive order is used. Similarly, the problems related to probability are also discussed through inductive writing.

Many researchers prefer to write inductive to make new theories in the field of evolving science. Although inductive writing is an incomplete form, the trend of using this approach is still more. Another important aspect related to inductive writing is that it can have wrong statements. The fresh researcher takes these aspects as drawbacks of inductive order and its writing. In reality, these are not drawbacks, but it is an important steps to check the reliability of anything. Apart from all that, the purpose of inductive writing is to plan things or events based on past or current data.

There are many more reasons why the researcher prefers to go for inductive writing. One of the major reasons is that it does not take much of your time. In this short time, the researcher experiences critical thinking. Critical thinking is a skill that helps the researcher in every task. It can be related to his daily life or a work project. All of the reasons that are mentioned over here show the importance of inductive writing.

What is an example of an Inductive Paragraph?

In research, any paragraph that starts with a general perspective is termed an inductive paragraph. Another point related to the inductive paragraph is that the last sentence specifies a very important discussion point. The use of an inductive paragraph is ensured to grasp the attention of a reader. Suppose you are doubtful if the reader will agree with your point or not. In this situation, you can write an inductive paragraph. The start of a paragraph that has a general statement can force a reader to think about the specified point of view.

In research, you have to deal with argumentation. In order to introduce an argument in any work, the use of inductive paragraphs can be seen very commonly. You need to keep in mind that you cannot use inductive paragraphs everywhere. Inductive order is a research approach that is used in a particular situation. Following are the paragraphs that fit best as an example for inductive order writing:

  • Summary paragraph
  • Conclusion paragraph
  • Introductory paragraph
  • Paragraphs having rhetorical questions
  • Paragraph having arguments 
  • Paragraph having claims

Final Thoughts

All of the above-mentioned aspects and points show the importance and usage of inductive order in research. In research, you can find lots of work based on inductive order that is further utilised by deductive order. You might also like to read about how education is graded in the UK.


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