Tips To Clean Your Expensive Rug in an Eco-Friendly Way


Cleaning the rug can be expensive however there is no other way to maintain its appearance. Nowadays, many homeowners are choosing to clean using eco-friendly methods that are less expensive and are more beneficial for the environment.

What exactly is eco-friendly cleaning?

It could mean different terms to different people, however in general, it refers to making use of non-toxic or natural cleaning solutions and methods that do not produce dangerous waste.

The most common products to cleanse the environment are:

  1. Detergents that are free of sodium lauryl sulfur
  2. A fantastic oxygen-based cleaner that is suitable for any fabric or surface
  3. Baking soda
  4. Vinegar
  5. Olive oil
  6. Lemon juice
  7. Hydrogen peroxide
  8. Club soda
  9. Salt
  10. Alcohol rubs

A variety of other eco-friendly products are available and many households already have some of the essentials stored away.

Here are some suggestions for getting the most effective results without using harmful chemical products or steam cleaners that create a lot of water waste.

  • To Dry Or Not To Dry Clean

One of the best methods for cleaning your rug is to use dry cleaning that doesn’t require any steam cleaners or liquids. It is best to employ professional equipment like the one used for dry cleaning clothing. It runs at a low temperature and doesn’t leave any moisture behind. It can be used on all kinds of rugs.

  • Make A Solution

If you’re uncomfortable using dry cleaning or your rug is too big to be able to fit into the machine, you could make a cleaner at your home. Make a mixture of one-third white vinegar and the equivalent of four cups of water. Immerse a cloth in the mixture, then squeeze it well, then clean the rug. If the vinegar scent is not enough it is possible to include a few drops of essential oils.

The regular soap and water will do the job well. However, if require something more powerful for tough staining, create an ammonia-based solution by mixing one-part ammonia or three times water. Make sure that it doesn’t fall on the floor since it could cause slips.

  • Spot Cleaning

If you’re not able to make time for a complete rug cleaning, or the area isn’t large it’s possible to use an area cleaner. Pick one that’s environmentally friendly and does not contain toxic chemicals. Place it on a piece of cloth and then dab the stain until it’s completely absorbed. Don’t rub or you’ll put it on the rug. Let the area dry, then vacuum it to remove any remaining residue.

  • Run Your Vacuum Regularly

One of the most simple and most effective methods to keep your rug from staining is to use your vacuum cleaner on a regular basis. Dirt can get caught in carpets, particularly between fibers, and could result in color fading or spots developing. Make sure to vacuum your carpet at least once per week and more frequently when you have pets, or children.

It is suggested to choose an eco-friendly firm such as carpet cleaning Los Angeles, and they can help you maintain your rug with no harsh chemicals. Today, many homeowners are turning to green methods of cleaning their carpets, which will help save money as well as improve the planet.

If you follow these guidelines by following these tips, you will be able to keep your carpets looking nice for years to come without any harsh chemicals or generating plenty of waste. You’ll also contribute to aiding the environment as well.