Types of Professionals Required for Commercial Construction

Commercial construction projects can take years to complete, which means you need to hire the correct professionals from the start to ensure you finish by the target date. There are a huge number of employees required to bring the idea to reality. Here are some of the types of overseers you may need at your next job site.


design build contractor Sacramento CA has the ability to handle the design and the construction of the project. This cuts down on costs, reduces errors because of communication, increases flexibility, and decreases the time to completion. It also gives you one point of contact instead of multiple, which can decrease the overwhelm that construction brings.


An architect has the skills to design buildings and be involved in the construction process. They focus on the safety of the building and draw up schematics for plumbing and electricity. Architects take the ideas given to them and create a structure that matches the client’s needs.

General Contractor

This is the person responsible for coordinating and supervising a building project. They oversee the construction site, contact vendors, arrange for equipment deliveries, and more. A license is required by the state the contractor is working in.

Construction Manager

While the general contractor typically works on-site, the construction manager is part of the team from the drafting stages. They have similar duties to the general contractor but can be a helpful addition to the planning process.

Civil Engineer

A civil engineer creates plans for roads, bridges, dams, buildings, and other items that have to do with infrastructure. Many commercial projects require engineers to create and plan the projects in the ideation stage.

All of these professionals may be used in commercial building projects depending on the type of planning required, the location of the job site, and the construction process.

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