What Are The Components Of Cosmetic Fillers?

What Are The Components Of Cosmetic Fillers?

Cosmetic fillers are becoming increasingly popular for people who want to treat areas of their body that lack fullness or which are sunken. Fillers are mostly used on areas that include the jawline, mouth, temples, and cheeks. However, the rise in popularity of this cosmetic skin care product can be attributed to the benefits that the fillers offer. For instance, the entire procedure is non-surgical, can be customized to suit personal needs, and can restore your body to its natural state.

Moreover, fillers can be used by any adult who is interested in this form of cosmetic treatment. However, those who are pregnant and those who have an allergic reaction to the components of cosmetic filler components are not supposed to use it.

Cosmetic filler active ingredients

There are several components that make up this cosmetic treatment product, and among them are:

1.Hyaluronic Acid

This is the biggest and most common ingredient that is used in the manufacture of cosmetic fillers. This element occurs in the body naturally, and the cosmetic version is made to mimic the acid that the body manufactures naturally. On average, human beings may have about 15 grams of hyaluronic acid in their bodies, and this amount reduces with aging. This is why the small amount of collagen that your body has as you get older cannot fight the wrinkles that occur on your face as well as the loss of fullness that you experience in other body parts.


Hydroxylapatite is a product that was created for people who have severe wrinkles on their faces. While it is not always the first choice, it is used in scenarios where other cosmetic products are not strong enough to offer the desired results.


This is an incredible component that is used on products that are desired by people who are interested in long-term results. In this procedure, fat is extracted from other parts of your body and used in injections. The best thing about this is that it delivers pretty fast results. It’s an invasive procedure, and there will be some downtime that is attributed to bruising and swelling. Again, it’s less reversible, so you should be sure about what you want before choosing it.

4.Poly-L-lactic Acid

This is a product that is normally injected twice. After the first injection, patients will have to wait for 6 months before taking the second injection. Multiple vials are given to the patients until they are sure that they have got the results that they need. The results that are achieved after using this important gradient can remain visible for up to two years.

Cosmetic fillers can change your appearance for the better. It can make you look younger by reversing the effects of aging that you may become visible on your face. However, these cosmetic fillers have different components which you should know about before using them. An experienced cosmetic skincare expert will be able to take you through what a product is made of before using it on you.



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