What is Coaxial Cable, exactly?


Coaxial Speaker Cable allows for the transmission of RF signals, from source devices and to input/destination device. The radiofrequency range (RFR) covers the whole spectrum of radiofrequency frequencies (from 20kHz – 300GHz).

The term “coaxial”, refers a construction method for the cable. The core of the wire (the inner conductor of the cable) and the woven protection (usually made of copper), share the same horizontal axis.

Although it was first used in 1858 for the first time, it was patented 22-years later in 1880. It’s been used in almost every household ever since the start of the 20th Century, particularly since the introduction TV.

What does it Look Like?

Coaxial Speaker Cable are cylindrical in shape. The cable’s thickness and color might vary, and the structure of each coaxial cable may be more complex. But, there are four essential elements. These are the key elements.

Conductor Core

Dielectric insulator

Metallic shield (typically woven copper).

Jacket in plastic

Copper is commonly used to make the core. Also, copper-plated and stranded steel are often used.

A dielectric isolator surrounds the core conducting. You can make this insulator from solid, foam, or air with spacers.

Braided copper wire is most commonly used as a shield. In some cases, a silver-plated braid may be used. Higher quality cables may come with two shields. This is an aluminum foil plus a braided piece of copper wire. Sometimes there are even four layers of protection – two layers made of aluminum foil combined with two layers of braided Copper wire. The shielding helps to prevent losses and improve performance. However it makes the cable more rigid and thicker which can be undesirable.

The jacket, also commonly known by its final layer, is made of PVC. The jacket can be made out of fire-resistant materials, water-resistant materials, or materials that resist oxidation and ultraviolet light depending on the purpose.

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages to Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cables are a common choice in radio communications. There are several reasons.

The design and construction of coaxial cables are the key to their greatest advantages. Coax cables can be shielded and protected from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Coax cables are also capable of high-frequency applications, up to 50 MHz. Coax cable has a higher transmission bandwidth than twisted couple cables and a higher transfer rate. Coaxial cables also come at a reasonable price, are simple to install and expand and are quite long-lasting.

Different types and styles of coaxial cables

There are many ways to tell the difference in coaxial cables.

Two main types of impedance can be distinguished: those with 50 impedance (or 75 impedance).

50-cables are frequently used in radio transmission applications. 50 is a good fit for many transmitter antennas. These cables are also used in coaxial Ethernet networks as well as high-frequency, digital transmissions.

75 cables are much more prevalent in our households. You are likely to have a 75-inch coaxial cables in your house. They are often used in telecommunications and video/audio transmission. 75 coaxial cabling is also needed for cable TV and RF video transmission.

What kind of connectors can be used to make coax cables?

Different types of cable and different applications need different connectors. There are many connectors that can be used to connect coax cables. However, the most commonly used types include N-type connectors. SMA connectors. F connectors. RCA connectors.

What is the Use of Coaxial Cable?

Coaxial cables have many uses in radiocommunication systems and telecommunications systems. They are used as antennas for TV, HD TV, cable television, audio and visual transmission, etc.

Different types of cable and connectors are suitable for different applications. The most used cable types (RG-6, RG-7 and RG-11) and the most popular connector types (“F-type connector”) are used for satellite TV, cable internet and high-speed cable internet.


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