What is the best mobile insurance for June 2022?


Your smartphone is, without a doubt, one of your most prized possessions. If you fear that it could be stolen, at Kelisto we have examined the market to help you choose the best mobile insurance.

Mobile phones are one of the most useful and common devices today. According to data from the Hootsuite 2021 Digital Report, in 2021 there were more than 54.34 million mobile phones connected to the Internet in our country, a figure that exceeds the number of inhabitants by more than 16%. This shows the importance of this element in Spanish society, so the protection of your mobile, especially if it is high-end, is essential. Hiring the best mobile insurance on the market can help you cover your back in case your phone suffers any damage, such as the accidental breakage of the screen, or it stops working because a liquid has been spilled on it.

However, before getting any of the mobile insurance on the market, keep in mind that your smartphone already has the coverage of the Guarantee Law, which from January 1, 2022 extended the term to claim for manufacturing faults or breakdowns for two to three years, so that the seller must bear the repair costs in those cases. However, damage to the device due to theft or an accident will not be covered. In these circumstances, it is advisable to take out a private policy.

To help you choose the best mobile insurance, at Kelisto we review the policies offered by the insurers themselves, those that you can contract with your operator and those that are available from the manufacturers or establishments where you buy your smartphone.

Mobile insurance from insurers: which is the best?

Zurich Klinc insurance, MAPFRE mobile insurance or Caser mobile insurance are the most popular policies to insure your mobile among those offered by insurers, at least if we stick to the searches that users carry out on the Internet. To know what each of them offers, we detail their characteristics below:

Mobile insurance with Zurich (Klinc)

Klinc’s mobile insurance, Zurich’s digital brand, stands out for being the only one on the market that works on demand, that is, you can activate your coverage whenever you want, paying only the part proportional to the days in which you have activated your policy . Regarding its coverage, Klinc protects you against terminal theft (when there is forceful robbery or when you recover the stolen phone, but it is damaged), electrical damage, accidental damage and liquid spills.

Last but not least, this mobile insurance can be contracted directly from Kelisto, so in a few minutes you can have the policy that protects your device.

Mapfre mobile insurance

If you want to contract mobile insurance with Mapfre you will have to get your Yip Yop object insurance, with which you can insure several devices, including a terminal. The coverages included are:

  • The theft of the terminal: both the theft of the smartphone and the damage it may suffer due to attempted theft.
  • All accidental risk: refers to material damage due to accidents, provided that they are not expressly excluded.
  • The urgent transport of the mobile: when the insured has to travel to another place for a period of less than one year.

Caser mobile insurance

For its part, at Caser you can also find some of the best mobile insurance on the market. Your Xtra Móvil policy offers a flat rate of 10 euros to insure any terminal, regardless of the model. Among the coverage of Cáser’s mobile insurance is the repair of the device, its replacement when damage due to falls, bumps or liquid spills cannot be repaired, and coverage for theft or attempted theft.

Operator mobile insurance: which is the best?

In addition to the best mobile insurance that you can find in the different companies, the telephone operators also usually offer this type of product when you buy a new terminal with them. So that you know if any mobile insurance from its catalog suits what you need, we have analyzed the policies of the four operators with the largest market share at the end of 2021, according to the latest data from the CNMC: Movistar, Orange, Vodafone and MásMóvil (Yoigo).

Movistar mobile insurance

Movistar’s mobile insurance is available to its contract customers, so to enjoy its coverage you will have to have already contracted a line with this company. You can choose between accidental damage policies, robbery or theft coverage or All-Inclusive insurance, which adds coverage against fraudulent calls to the previous protection. Like a large part of operator insurance, Movistar’s mobile insurance (in all its forms) has a permanence of 12 months, so if you decide to cancel it early, you will have to pay the proportional part of the months that you would have left. comply. Of course, you would continue to be protected until the expiration of the contract.

For contracts until April 2022, Movistar’s mobile insurance gives away the first two installments, so the policy will be free for the first two months.

Orange mobile insurance

As with Movistar, Orange mobile insurance is only available to those customers with an orange operator contract and also has an annual permanence. In addition, this insurance can only be contracted for mobile phones purchased through some of Orange’s sales channels, during the first 30 days after purchase. As for promotions, Orange mobile insurance gives you the first month free.

This is the most complete mobile insurance among those analyzed, since it covers robbery or theft, accidental damage and fraudulent calls (up to 2,000 euros) in the same policy. In addition, it includes worldwide coverage (something that Vodafone’s mobile insurance also offers) and an extension of the phone’s warranty for another year.

Vodafone mobile insurance

Vodafone mobile insurance is called Vodafone Care. Within this product you can contract two types of policies: Accidental Damage, in which breakages, falls and liquid spills will be covered; and the Total Protection policy, which adds theft to the previous benefits.

In this case, it is not necessary to be from Vodafone to contract the insurance, but the mobile to be insured has had to be purchased either with the company or from an official manufacturer or supplier. In addition, it must not be older than one year. In addition, Vodafone Care also has a stay of one year and coverage abroad. In this case, Vodafone mobile insurance also offers two months free.


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