What to Put in a Dog Walking Bag

dog walking bag can be a backpack to pop your dog in or a rucksack packed with all of the essentials that you and your dog need. It is easy to walk your dog and forget important things for your dog. Things you should always have with you include dog poop bags, a bowl or dog bottle, a collar and lead, a tick pick, and a pet ID tag. However, this may change quickly depending on the type of outdoor stroll you are heading for.

Packing in the Winter

If you are heading out with your dog on a cold, winter day, you can already tell if they are cold by feeling the tips of your dog’s ears. If they feel very cold or ice cold, chances are the rest of them are cold. It is highly recommended that you wrap your short-haired or older dog up to keep them warm.

You should consider adding the below items to your dog’s walking bag in the winter:

  • Winter dog jumper
  • Tweed lead
  • Dog bottle
  • Poop bags with handles
  • 2 in 1 winter dog coat
  • Hiking wrist warmers for yourself
  • Tweed collar and pet ID tag

Winter dog jumpers are perfect for wrapping your dog and keeping them warm. The hiking wrist warmers will ensure you can walk your dog without your hands and wrists freezing.

Packing for Warmer Days

Warmer days can make dog walkers a lot more nervous than colder days. This is because many dogs cannot handle the heat and most owners fail to recognize the signs of dehydration. Heat is often a killer for dogs and it is important that you do what you can to protect them from getting too hot.

When walking your dog, you should always monitor any signs that may signal dehydration including excessive panting, hyperventilation, changes in skin color and gums, vomiting, and weakness. These signs should be taken seriously.

In the summer months, your dog’s walking bag should consist of the following:

  • Dog bottle
  • Travel pack pet poop bags
  • Sunscreen wipes for dogs or a sunscreen stick
  • Boost life jacket
  • Pet ID tag
  • A cooling mat and dog cooling vest
  • Flexi lead and a collar
  • Tick pick
  • Tickles dog flea and tick repellent

The pet water bottle is perfect to use for them to sip the water and as a bowl, since the lid can pop off. If your dog is a big drinker, you could also take a collapsible bowl with you. The tickles device is a good device that keeps pests away and doesn’t cause any harm to nearby wildlife or release any dangerous chemicals into the air. They only emit a sound that keeps them away.

Additionally, the boost life jacket is a good option if it is too warm and you are considering taking a swim with them.

Packing for Rainy Days

If it is a rainy type of day, you should embrace it by helping your dog out with a few extra items so they can brave the rain. Consider packing the following in your dog’s walking bag for rainy days:

  • 2 in 1 waterproof dog coat
  • A dog raincoat
  • Compostable pet wipe mitts
  • Ruff and tumble drying coat
  • Ruff and tumble dog drying mitts
  • A dog poop bag holder
  • BioThane collar and BioThane lead

The pet wiping mitts will help the dirt and rain create mud on your dog’s hands. These wipes slip right on to your hands and allow you to clean them. The best part is that they are compostable. A dog raincoat is also useful and you can choose one with just legs or something lightweight.


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