Since the coronavirus  Deductible health crisis began, the use of the mask has spread as one of the main measures to prevent contagion. This use has become even more widespread after the mandatory use of masks in public spaces was implemented. 

Now, with the start of the new school year, the mandatory use of masks in classrooms and on school transport has also been implemented for all children over 6 years of age. Thus, it is convenient to know the type of masks that must be used,  the homologation, and the best place to acquire them. 


The masks for children, according to the guide on the correct use of masks prepared by the Ministry of Consumption, are designed according to three sizes,  which range from 3 to 12 years.  These are the age ranges and the measurements of these masks, according to the UNE regulations:

  • Small  (3-5 years): height 5.5 cm / width 13 cm
  • Medium : (6-9 years): height 6.5 cm / width 15 cm
  • Large : (10-12 years): height 8.5 / width 17 cm

In general, boys and girls should preferably use surgical or hygienic masks with UNE specifications.

Among the basic characteristics of these masks is that they must cover the nose, mouth and chin.  They must be made with suitable filtering material, which is also shown in the UNE regulation document, and, in addition, they must be made with material that allows breathing and use materials that do not present known risks of irritation when in contact with the user’s skin. ,  as well as ensuring a proper fit with the face.

To acquire them, it is best to go directly to pharmacies, since it is a medical device. Not all masks can indeed be found in the size of children,  although adult masks can be easily converted to fit  the size of the smallest.

Not all masks can indeed be found in the size of children,  although adult masks can be easily

Similarly,  hygienic masks can be purchased in the supermarket,  although it can also be difficult to find a size for children. Cloth masks that can be found in stores can also be used, although you have to look again that they comply with the regulations, as well as if they are bought on Internet portals, a less recommended practice,  since it is advisable to go directly to pharmacy. f you like this article share it o your social media accounts. Subscribe our newslater to get latest post.

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