What You Need To Know About Broken Garage Door Springs

If your garage door has been closed for some time, it may be time to replace the torsion spring. The springs installed parallel to the door can be very dangerous, especially if there is no safety cable to slow down the mechanism. You should immediately consult a professional garage door repair company such as Coastal Garage Doors when they become damaged.

Torsion Springs 

Torsion springs are the most common type of spring used on garage doors. These springs are installed parallel to the door and wind up when it is closed and unwind when it is opened. It allows them to store energy and release it during the lifting process. Fortunately, most garage doors come with lifetime warranties on their torsion springs. However, they should only be repaired by a professional. It is because torsion springs store massive amounts of energy.

Garage doors use two spring systems: torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are placed over the closed door and are connected to pulleys at each end. When a motor is activated, the spring releases energy through these pulleys, which pull the cables. However, torsion springs are dangerous to work on without training or knowledge in garage door repair, as they may snap if approached too closely. Extension springs are installed parallel to the door and are safer to work with than torsion springs.

The best way to measure the length of a broken torsion spring is by lifting the door off the floor and sliding a measuring hook between the two spring coils. When measuring the springs, make sure that the springs are not twisted. It can cause more damage to the door and require you to replace the spring.

It is Dangerous Without Safety Cable

Damaged garage door springs can become dangerous if no safety cable is attached to the spring system. It is because the springs can separate if the tension is not maintained. Broken springs should be replaced as soon as possible. Also, make sure that the springs are attached to the bottom brackets of both sides of the door.

Extension springs are located near the tracks and have a much higher tension than torsion springs. It means that if one of them breaks, someone could get injured. Also, if a safety cable is not present, the spring could snap back onto the door, causing a serious injury.

If you are unfamiliar with garage door springs, you should call a professional to help you. Although extension springs are safer to work with than torsion springs, they still have potential problems. Therefore, it is imperative to have an expert perform the repair for you.

An inexperienced person should never touch damaged garage door springs. They can cause serious injury to anyone standing too close to the garage. The garage door springs are responsible for holding the door up and should be kept in good condition. However, if the spring snaps, the garage door will lose its energy and will no longer be able to lift heavy doors.

Inspecting a Broken Torsion Spring

Inspect its torsion spring to ensure your garage door will continue to work smoothly and quietly. Torsion springs are responsible for lowering and raising the garage door. Therefore, they require periodic maintenance and inspections to keep them working properly. In addition, there are a few signs to look for to determine if the spring is broken.

First, measure the spring’s length and gauge its tension. Torsion springs can separate when they lose tension. So by looking for a stretch in the spring, you can tell that your garage door is letting off too much tension. Once you have the length and tension measurements, you can start replacing your spring.

A broken garage door torsion spring is a serious safety issue. You should replace your garage immediately if it’s causing your garage to sag. Torsion springs are made from metal, so they’re prone to rust. Rust will increase resistance to winding, causing the spring to break and become a safety risk. To prevent rusting, consider adding a protective zinc coating or lubricant. Then, if the spring still isn’t working, try manually opening the garage door.

Changing a broken garage door torsion spring is dangerous and requires expert knowledge of the mechanisms. Because of the tension, a broken spring can lead to serious injury or even death. Therefore, only a factory-trained technician should perform garage door repairs.

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