What you Need to Know about Buccal Fat Removal

What you Need to Know about Buccal Fat Removal

Fat accumulation on the face is a common phenomenon for many people. However, the amount of deposits differs between individuals. Some may require a cosmetic procedure to remove fat around the cheeks. If you find your face chubby, consider having Buccal fat removal treatment. We will help you understand the beauty procedure and what to expect. Read on to gain more insights into the topic.

Probably you realize that celebrities have narrow cheekbones, and you may wonder how most get the outlook. The Buccal fat removal procedure can boost your confidence by enhancing your facial appearance. You can get professional and specialized help from Hobbs medical clinic. Choosing experts in the field will ensure you get the best out of the procedures.

Understand the Procedure

Buccal fat removal utilizes surgery to eliminate fat from the cheek area as cosmetic surgery. It helps give your face an angular shape. Surgeons can use the technique alone or include other options in the treatment plan. So, you can consider having your Buccalfat removal with other cosmetic surgeries you may need to enhance your beauty.

Buccal fat removal treatment involves a surgeon cutting through your facial skin to eliminate the components. They will expose the inner elements by pulling the skin outward. It makes the fat pads on your cheeks visible for the medical practitioner to eliminate. The surgeon will manually remove the fat by cutting the pieces. After which, they will stitch the wound for recovery.

On the other hand, a botched buccal fat removal exercise can cause other complications. It is beneficial to learn about the risks and expected benefits when deciding on undergoing surgery. A surgeon will require you to sign a consent form before undertaking the plastic surgery. The medical practitioner should explain everything about the procedures depending on your case.


It is best to know if you are a viable candidate for the procedure to avoid the risks and dangers. First, if you have a plump face, you are eligible for the treatment. However, it would be best if you considered other factors. Your Physical health is a significant determinant of your undergoing the procedure. Also, it is not advisable to have it if you smoke.

Although many celebrities undergo the treatment, it is necessary to have a realistic expectation of the outcome. It is a personal decision: Every person’s case is different, and it is best to talk to your doctor beforehand. The medical practitioner can recommend a specialist to handle your case.

What to Expect

A plastic surgeon can help align your expectations with the objectives of the procedures. Tell them about your medical history and any medications you take to help the practitioner design the best approach for your case. Still, the information will help with the recovery process. The surgeon will undertake assessments and evaluations before the treatment commences.

You will be on an aesthetic during the procedure to limit the pain. However, you will be awake throughout the process. The type of anesthesia the practitioner uses depends on the treatment plan. You will need to plan for transport to the hospital and back sinceyou will not be in the right state o drive. A friend or loved one can accompany you for moral and physical support.


Immediately after the treatment, you may experience swelling on the face. Still, you may get visible bruises, but the sigs will disappear as you recover. It happens due to the impact of cosmetic surgery. Normally, it will take less than a month to recover fully from the treatment. You will need to go to the surgeon for follow-ups. The initiative helps the specialist monitor your recovery and manage any issues early.

You will get medications to help prevent infections and aid with the recovery. The type of drug to use depends on the surgeon’s discretion, and they will recommend the best way to care for the wound. It helps to follow the specialist advice to ensure the best recovery. In addition, you will be eating soft foods before you can return to normalcy.

The Costs

The costs of Buccal treatment differ between the practitioners. It will not exceed $5000, but you can get the fat removal procedure at half the price. Compare different centers to determine an affordable option. However, the price differences are mainly due to the surgeon’s expertise and years of practice. Also, the medications and anesthesia the specialists use will be a factor in the charges.

Most insurance companies do not cover the treatment, and you will have to have the money to pay. Still, you can get favourable plans to pay for the service. Talking to your surgeon will help you know what to expect and how to go about the entire process. Ask all questions during your consultation to align your goals and set the expectations.

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