Where to Find Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds, and How Do You Grow Them?

Where to Find Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds, and How Do You Grow Them?

When purchasing cannabis seeds, individuals have many choices. One of the choices many growers make, especially those who are beginners, is autoflowering seeds. With this information, individuals will discover how to purchase, germinate, and grow autoflowering seeds at home. 

What Are Autoflowering Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds, as the name suggests, go into the flowering stage without any prompts from growers. Growing autoflowering cannabis seeds means the plants start to flower on their own about two to four weeks after they start to grow. These seeds are much easier to grow because growers will not have to worry about complicated light changes to ensure flowering.

Important Facts About Autoflowering Seeds

New growers may not be familiar with autoflowering seed options. Knowing the facts about these seeds is essential for growers who want to get the fastest harvest possible.

  • Autoflowering seeds are not reliant on light cycles when they are growing. They naturally go into the flowering stage at a specific time in their growth cycle. This type of seed is much easier for beginners to grow because they do not have to worry about light changes that are carried out at precise times.
  • These seeds can be grown in all types of light conditions, even if they are exposed to light twenty-four hours a day. There is no need for installing expensive light timers when growing autoflowering varieties of cannabis.
  • Many new growers are surprised to learn they can grow autoflowering cannabis outdoors all year long. These plants are highly resistant to temperature extremes and can even handle frost.
  • Although they prove more difficult, autoflowering varieties can be cloned. Growers who are interested in cloning autoflowerers need to research carefully and learn about the steps involved in the growing process.
  • Most autoflowering seeds will begin to flower within eight weeks, with some seeds flowering as soon as four weeks after planting. A gene controls when an autoflowerer starts to flower.

How to Germinate Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Germination is key to getting autoflower varieties to grow successfully. Germination uses moist paper towels. Lay out a moist paper towel and then spread cannabis seeds on top, being sure to leave plenty of space between each one. Cover the top with another moist paper towel. The seeds should begin to sprout within two days. Once the seeds have been sprouted, they can be planted in small seed pots.

Plant Seeds and Watch Them Grow

Autoflowering seeds are one of the most forgiving cannabis seeds available. These seeds grow quickly and easily with very little effort from growers. With no light requirements for flowering, harvests are easier to obtain. Most growers will see the flowering stage begin to develop within a few weeks after planting.

After planting autoflowering seeds in small seed pots, growers will need to make sure they transfer their plants as they grow larger. Having ample room to grow will help to ensure the seedlings grow into healthy plants that will produce bountiful buds for harvesting.

Start Growing Today

With healthy autoflowering seeds and the right germination and planting processes, growers will find it easy to grow beautiful crops of cannabis at home. Before growing cannabis, it is important individuals check with their state laws to ensure they grow it legally. Growing cannabis at home allows individuals to control the quality and save exponentially on the cost.


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