Why people will hire a tree surgeon for dangerous tree removal

Why people will hire a tree surgeon for dangerous tree removal

Tree surgeons study for years to gain the knowledge to fell a tree safely and use dangerous and heavy equipment at height. It is perhaps no surprise then that this is a heavily vetted industry. It is for this reason that you can see the good tree surgeons from the bad ones. This is all to the benefit of the customer. Tree surgery is always a dangerous job and requires a highly trained technician who can keep people and property safe in the area. This is work that needs to be done in a very careful and concise manner. It also needs to take account for health and safety too.

It is vital the tree surgeon has all of the correct training

To become a tree surgeon, and to know how to work safely at height and in particular, within a tree, you need to undergo rigorous training. This training is ongoing and should include regular refresher courses to keep up with industry best practice. Training in arboriculture is also vital, because otherwise, how can you deal with a growing, living thing carefully and safely so as to maintain its health?

Unqualified tree workers won’t usually know how to spot disease or decay in a tree, and they certainly won’t know how to deal with it. They also won’t know the right way to go about cutting a tree so that it grows healthily and strong. They may cut back a tree in your garden or on your land. Additionally, they may also leave it weak so that it poses a danger of falling or shedding branches. And then you will be liable for any damage caused to property, or injury to people.

It is vital to have the correct equipment

When you deal with a professional tree services company, not only will they have great expertise and knowhow, they’ll also have all the right equipment to carry out a job safely. They won’t be using any old chainsaw they found on eBay for a few quid. They’ll have invested in top-of-the-range, specialist equipment that is safe for purpose. Of course we understand that with the economy the way it is, people are looking for cheaper alternatives. You may have trees on your land that you need cut back or removed. Though you may feel you can’t afford a properly qualified tree surgeon.

Try and overly save now and you’ll pay more later in the long run

However, you need to ask yourself this: if you engage the services of someone who isn’t properly qualified just to save a few pounds, what will you do when you find they haven’t done the job as you expected? Or they have caused damage to your tree or property during the work, and then you realise they didn’t hold the right type of or adequate insurance, so you can’t even claim against them? You’ll be left with a potentially hazardous tree, damaged property and out of pocket. Your insurance company certainly won’t entertain a claim if you have used unqualified tree workers: that’s a fact.

Keep thinking over who you will hire

Take a look at our extensive certifications, qualifications, standards and safety compliance and insurance and compare this quality of service and level of expertise with other tree companies or anyone who purports to be one, or any company for that matter who says they offer tree services but aren’t actually qualified tree surgeons. Think about the false economy and the dangers before making any calls.

Common problems

Overgrown trees can be a common problem, casting gardens into darkness or shedding too many leaves. Further to cosmetic issues, if trees are too close to your house they can affect your property’s foundations if left to grow, causing expensive damage. Your neighbours might have complained about your garden’s trees getting too big, or you might think that they’ve just become unsightly and you want them removed to clear the space for something else.

Whatever your reason, when it comes to pruning or felling trees, it’s important to know how to do the job properly and safely. This article will cover how much tree surgeons charge. It will also cover what impacts the cost of hiring a tree surgeon. We will also have a look at how you can save money on hiring a tree surgeon. Other things will include how to know if you need a tree surgeon in the first place, what’s involved in removing the tree, what the laws and regulations are on tree removal and how to find and hire a tree surgeon.

How height can have impact on cost

As is the case with most jobs, the larger the tree, the higher the cost of removal. Taller trees require extra equipment hire such as cherry pickers to reach the top. These will all add more expense to your quote. When calculating the cost of tree removal, surgeons will take into consideration the height, width and lean of the tree.

How location can have impact on cost

If the tree is in your garden with good access, it’ll take the tree surgeon less time to remove than if it’s overhanging a public footpath, as it’s simpler to cordon off areas in a private space. However, if the tree is standing near power lines, this can add considerable time to your job. Together with a damaged or diseased tree, this can command a much higher price than a healthy tree. Tree surgeons can also charge a premium if any branches overhang a public road or footpath. They’ll have to take extra care when working. They may need to temporarily block off a road or footpath so they can work safely.

How you can save money

Doing as much preparatory work yourself will save you from paying a premium. Things like clearing out any garden waste that may get in the way, moving garden furniture, and removing any fallen debris can help. While felling, you can offer to remove the branches yourself. It is a labour-intensive job. If you have the time to spare it can save you money in the long run.

If the roots aren’t likely to be causing any problems for you once the tree has been removed, opting for stump grinding rather than removal can be a cost-effective way of trimming down your removal costs. Whereas stump removal eradicates both the stump and all of the tree’s roots. Grinding will cut out the main root plate, but leave a considerable amount of sawdust in its place. This is as well as a few roots in the ground that will eventually rot away over time.

Overall – what you need to know, in detail

Though tree felling can be something you can do yourself, for anything more than a small tree, it’s often best to call in professional tree surgeons. The larger the tree, the harder and more dangerous it will be to remove. It’s important to assess whether you have the skills, experience and tools to do the job properly. Trees close to houses and in difficult-to-reach places will increase the risks of something going wrong. You should consider the effects on home insurance if you try to fell the tree yourself. You could end up causing damage to your property.

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  1. Afton Jackson says:

    It’s really alarming to read how there are a lot of factors that go into tree removal. I had thought that this is something that just about anyone can do, so I initially assumed I could do it myself if I tried hard enough. I’ll definitely make sure that I make this process go smoothly and safely by hiring a tree service professional instead.


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